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Crafted in collaboration with Tyler Warren, this fin was designed with two main intentions: to hold in the face during critical situations, and to produce a solid amount of drive.

A Southern California native and talented surfer, artist, and shaper, Tyler has got a keen eye for drawing lines–both in and out of the water. With many diverse influences, he strives to shape, ride, and evolve a wide array of surfboard and fin designs. This fin is the perfect accompaniment for a variety of longboards. It features a full forward - tapering foil, an extended amount of rake, and a narrow sensitive tip; these all work together to provide stability, power, and fluidity through turns.

Experience the versatility of the Tyler Warren Flux as it does its thing in waves ranging from small to head high or so. Take it for a ride, and enjoy smooth turns and drawn-out classic lines!

  • The two sizes have slightly different templates. The 10” has more rake, more of an extended tip, and slightly more base width. This template achieves the same thing as the 9.25”, but for a bigger board.
  • Ride the 10" in your gliders, pintail logs, square tail logs or wide tailed mid-lengths. The 9.25" works great in smaller longboards and eggy type surf craft.
  • Solid fiberglass construction, flat matte finish

Tyler Warren Flux 9.25" (rotten avocado)

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